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Working towards a safe, healthy, and just Texas transportation system.

Texas and Federal Transportation Reform News


Starting Sept. 1 in Texas, your speed limit may vary based on local highway conditions; Noah Alcala Bach. Texas Tribune. August 22, 2023.

Under new state law, Texas will bill electric vehicle drivers an extra $200 a year; Emily Foxhall. Texas Tribune. August 21, 2023.

Roadway safety efforts gain traction as Texas legislators tweak laws on passing lanes, speed limits; Dug Begley. Houston Chronicle. June 1, 2023. 

Texas Transportation Advocacy Revs up at the Lege: After the passage of a road safety bill in 2021, proponents see another opportunity; Benton Graham. Texas Tribune. May 12, 2023.

The EPA wants to limit how much soot you breathe. Here’s what it means for Texas and one of its historic Black towns: Federal limits on particulate matter commonly known as soot could mean cleaner, safer air for Texans. But environmental experts worry Texas may snub rules; Alejandra Martinez. Texas Tribune. March 21, 2023.

Texas Highway Tangle; Jeff Wood. Talking Headways Podcast, Streetsblog USA. October 6, 2022.

To achieve Vision Zero, Houston must shift the way it thinks about transportation at every level; Lauren Grove and Virginia Lynn. Urban Edge, Kinder Institute for Urban Research, October 20, 2022. 

More road trips? TX will expand network of electric vehicle charging stations, including DFW; Haley Samsel. Fort Worth Report. October 8, 2022.

To Heal Historic Highway Harms, Sec. Buttigieg Needs Bold Thinking; Kea Wilson. StreetsBlog USA. September 22, 2022. 

Mr. Biden, Tear Down this Highway; Adam Paul Susaneck. New York Times, Opinion. September 8, 2022. 

Meet the New Group Opposing TxDOT’s Plan for I-345: More Neighbors Dallas is building a coalition to get city officials to ask the state to pause and further research removing the highway before proceeding with a plan to bury it; Matt Goodman. D Magazine. August 24, 2022.

Texas is skirting federal environmental law to push for highway expansion: The state department of transportation says many of its highway projects have “no significant impact”; Megan Kimble. Grist. July 27, 2022.

‘It’s just more and more lanes’: the Texan revolt against giant new highways; Oliver Millman. The Guardian. April 29, 2022.

The Road Home: The Texas Department of Transportation intends to spend $25 billion widening highways to fix traffic in Texas cities. What if we tore them down instead? Megan Kimble. The Texas Observer. July 12, 2021

The Highway Establishment and How it Grew and Grew and Grew: All roads have to go somewhere; but it could be that roads in Texas are going the wrong way; Griffen Smith Jr. Texas Monthly. April, 1974. 



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