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Working towards a safe, healthy, and just Texas transportation system.

88th Texas Legislature, 2023


TXSC partner organizations contributed their relevant legislative agenda items, which were reviewed and prioritized by the Legislative workgroup. Coalition partners are promoting the five TX Streets Coalition priorities along with their own wider agendas. We are organizing two lobby days, one focusing on our legislative agenda and one supporting transportation advocates. Join today to get involved!


Texas Streets Coalition Legislative Priorities

HJR 77, Walle / SJR 37, Miles et al: State Highway and Transportation Fund. Led by Air Alliance Houston

Proposes a constitutional amendment to allow the Texas State Highway Fund to be used on multi modal transportation projects that safely get Texans where they need to go. Allows TxDOT to build projects to best meet the needs of the diverse Texas population.


HB 2224, Hernandez / SB 1663, Alvarado: Safe Neighborhood Streets. Led by Farm&City

Allows cities to set safe speed limits on residential streets at 20 or 25 mph, which matches what counties are already allowed to do. Removes cumbersome bureaucracy and costs to implement. Will increase quality of life, economic growth and property values, as crashes, injuries, and fatalities are reduced.

  • Placed on General State Calendar on 5/23/23.
  • House passed on 4/20/23.
  • Senate passed on 4/17/23.


HB 1969, Morales Shaw / SB 1775 Alvarado: Transparent Identification for TxDOT Field Staff and Contractors. Led by STOP TxDOT I45

Requires on-site identification for TxDOT contractors and subcontractors when imminent domain is a factor, via a visible ID badge and vehicle decal. Will increase public awareness of TxDOT projects, and protection from potential scammers.

  • TxDOT committed to enact internally without legislative action. 


HB 5154, Morales Shaw: Local Street Design Alternatives in EIS. Led by STOP TxDOT I45

For highway projects, requires TxDOT to consider safety, economy, multimodal, and impact on adjacent communities and environment, in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). 


HB 5156, Morales Shaw: Fair Representation at Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). Led by Farm&City

Requires Texas Metropolitan Planning Organizations to analyze their decision-making strategies to ensure democratic processes are aligned to the principle of one-person, one-vote — giving proportional weight by population.


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